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The state of the main road through the village is poor and getting worse, after all this is the A834 and one of the main routes to Ullapool and the Islands. But this winter, although not particularly severe so far, has taken its toll on it through the village and that combined with the increased number of heavy lorries shifting hundreds of tons of earth down it during the summer from the new housing development, has knocked seven bells out of it. The the temporary patched repairs made during the autumn have now given up the ghost, and there are any number of potholes and several blocked or collapsed drains along it. I’m not going to mention the state of the side roads or the pavements through the village, which as you know are just as bad in places. I do realise that it’s been a terrible year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last March, and the lockdown restrictions began, but I’m sure this won’t prevent the council tax being hiked up as usual this spring.
I don’t know what ever happened to Highland Councils “biggest ever” single investment in roads project last year. That made up 1.84% of the total increase of 4.84% in last year’s council tax. What I do know, is that very little of it seems to have been invested in the roads up and down the strath.

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