Two out of three ain’t bad

Courtesy of the Met Office

Eleven degrees might not appear to be that warm a maximum temperature, not when compared to the 25°C that many people further south have been basking in recently, but to the people who live in the Highlands, especially those who live northwest of the Great Glen, the fact that the next seven days are forecast to be both dry and sunny comes as such a relief after a prolonged wet and sunless autumn and winter we’ve experienced – and after all two out of three ain’t bad. It’s just a shame that we are all locked down, because if you really like it warmer the west coast of Scotland is well placed to see some of the highest temperatures in the coming week. And what does it matter that you have to grit your teeth when you want to go out and sunbathe? Billy Connolly’s description of a pale blue Scottish person becomes much more relevant when you live up here.

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