The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Community Council will be planting a tree in the Square beside the Sweetie shop on Friday 3rd June 2022 at 7:00pm. A live group will be playing music in the gazebo in the Square from 6:30pm onwards. Everyone is welcome. Come along and make an evening of it and have a blether with fellow members of the community. The next day Dingwall will be holding a street party to celebrate the event, hopefully the weather will be kind to both events.

1 thought on “The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee”

  1. I think its its fair to say that Scotland as a whole have not embraced the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with as much relish as the folk south of the border have. The map of events (see link) is a stark reminder to the monarchy of just how little time people have for it – particularly in Wales, which according to this map is hosting no events at all!

    Having said that, the Queen has given 70 years of loyal service to the United Kingdom, and I welcome this small gesture by the Community Council in Strathpeffer to plant a tree to commemorate that service, even if the last thing the village needs is yet another tree!

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