The candidates in the upcoming Council Elections

This is the list of candidates you can vote for in the upcoming Election of Councillors for Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochalsh (Ward five) of the Highland Council. Polling is due to take place between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm on Thursday the 5th of May 2022.

Chris BIRT – Scottish National Party

Biz CAMPBELL – Independent

Margot KERR – Scottish Liberal Democrats

Liz KRAFT – Scottish National Party

Patrick LOGUE – Scottish Conservative and Unionist

I have approached each of the various candidates and here is the information that on have gleaned from some of them.




For completeness, I now have some information about Margot Kerr the Liberal Democrat candidate.

From a personal perspective, if I do decide to vote, it will be for a candidate who promises to do something to improve the shocking state of the roads and pavements in the village and more widely across the Highlands. Despite campaigning last year to try and get something done about clearing the number of blocked drains in the village, and the introduction of some simple traffic calming measures to reduce the speed of traffic through the village, nothing has materialised. There seems to be a massive disparity in what is being spent on Inverness at the moment and what is spent on the surrounding local towns and villages.

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  1. Having left an E mail regarding the seriously blocked drain and dreadful state of the road surfaces last week, I am still awaiting an acknowledgement reply let alone getting the drain clearing done which was already highlighted some months ago with members coming out as a PR exercise to tell us it would be done soon. NOT DONE. YET

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