Strathpeffer Pavilion Community Trust

Strathpeffer Spa Pavilion

Strathpeffer Pavilion Community Trust is a community-led charity established to ensure the iconic assets of the Pavilion, Pump House and Gardens continue to occupy a central role in village and community life. Through our work, we aim to make Strathpeffer a thriving community, a centre of culture and heritage, an important destination for tourism and a fantastic place to live and work.


Protect and enhance the important historical and cultural assets and keep them in community use
Attract more tourists to Strathpeffer and encourage them to stay longer in the village
Ensure that Strathpeffer is a thriving community and a place where young people want to live
Increase community cohesion, resilience and pride through assets that are controlled by the community
Provide a range of opportunities for increased economic activity in the local area
Work closely with a range of private, public and community organisations to develop the village and surrounding area


SPCT manage a number of assets for the benefit of the community:-

The Pavilion has been at the heart of the community since it was commissioned in 1881 by the Countess of Cromartie. This iconic building was fully restored in 2004, enabling it to re-open as a venue for concerts, weddings and other events.

The Pump House was built in 1909 to replace the earlier Upper Pump Room and provide the Spa medical and health functions. SPCT acquired the building from Highland Council in 2020 and are developing plans to bring it back into use.

The Spa Gardens adjacent to the Pavilion are a Designated Landscape. Their transfer to SPCT from the Highland Council has enabled us to put a garden management plan in place. The first phase of this has seen volunteers from our Garden Group make improvements to the grounds and we aim to complete a full restoration in the future.

The tennis courts are managed by the Dingwall and Strathpeffer Tennis Club and open to the village. 

The Strathpeffer Pavilion Community Trust have a new website that you might care to take a look at and maybe bookmark for future reference.

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