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It’s been quite a stormy weekend across our part of the world. First there was storm Malik on Saturday, and then on Sunday evening storm Corrie arrived with more gale force winds. In the village, despite it being relatively well sheltered, storm Corrie in particular brought down a lot of branches, a few boughs and also a number of trees. It seems to me the reason why wind speeds on Sunday were more severe than on Saturday in the strath is that the wind direction was from the W’NW which seems to lead to funneling down from Loch Glascarnoch as it did in January 2015. Being in the dip the highest gust that I recorded down in the dip by the station was only around 40 mph, but I did see a report of a gust over 72 mph in Blairninich.

Loch Glascarnoch AWS

The sting in the tail of storm Corrie as it rushed across the area yesterday evening as seen in this rainfall radar animation I made.

Courtesy UKMO

I imagine the fallen trees lead to many of the power cuts that were experienced in and around the strath over the weekend. Here is an update sent to the community council about the current situation:-

SSEN’s 10am update on Storm Malik and Storm Corrie

Overnight, SSEN’s teams made good progress in restoring power to an additional 1,100 customers who were off supply as a result of Saturday’s extreme weather. Efforts are now underway to assess the damage caused by Storm Corrie which brought extreme wind gusts of over 90 mph across the region. This included a wind gust of 92 mph at Inverbervie, Aberdeenshire, higher than both Storm Arwen or Malik.

SSEN teams have been out since first light to assess damage and restore power as quickly as possible, where it is safe to do so. As of 10am this morning, 40,000 homes are without power across the north of Scotland as a result of the two storms, which split out as below:

Storm Malik

Power has been successfully restored to around 68,000 customers affected by Storm Malik, with around 7,000 customers remaining off supply, mainly in pockets across Aberdeenshire, following Saturday’s extreme weather. SSEN’s teams are prioritising the restoration of these customers and expect the vast majority to be restored today with full restoration on Tuesday evening.

Storm Corrie

Early assessments show around 38,000 customers have been affected by Storm Corrie overnight. Around 4,000 of these customers have had their supply restored, with around 33,000 customers currently without power.  Of these, around 19,000 relate to two major faults affecting customers in the Stonehaven area (13,000) and Deeside (6,000) which are being worked on and are expected to be restored later today.

Restoration efforts from Storm Corrie will continue into Tuesday with the possibility that for small clusters of customers this may extend into Wednesday, subject to today’s damage assessment. The main areas which continue to be affected are rural Aberdeenshire and the Angus border, with customers also off supply in Perthshire the Highlands, Western Isles and the Moray Coast. To help customers make informed choices and potentially alternative arrangements where possible, many faults currently have an estimated restoration time of Tuesday night. SSEN is continuing to update this information for individual faults as its field teams are able to provide a more specific restoration estimate. Customers will be notified proactively as estimated restoration times for their specific fault are updated.SSEN continues to work closely with Local Resilience Partnerships to help coordinate community response and provide support to customers affected. For customers without power who need support and are unable to make alternative arrangements to stay with family or a friend, SSEN will reimburse reasonable costs for alternative accommodation. 

In addition, SSEN has deployed welfare facilities to the following locations which are open today from 9:30am:

  • Alford, Transport Museum Car Park, Fish & Chips
  • Bognie Brae, Bognie Brae Arms Car Park, Steak Bar 
  • Cannich, Village Centre, Highland Hog Roast Food Van (from 12.30pm)
  • Fyvie, Outside the Co-op, Steak Bar  
  • Insch, Church Hall Car Park, Western Road, Hot Food Van              
  • Kemnay, Aquithie Road, Steak Bar
  • Munlochy, Car Park, Highland Hog Roast Food Van           
  • Tarland, The Square, Steak Bar
  • Torphins, Learney Hall, Fish & Chips             
  • Whitestone, Opposite Finzean Town Hall, Steak Bar

SSEN has also arranged for a hot food van to supply residents in Lumphanan.

Given the additional impact of Storm Corrie, additional welfare facilities will be deployed, where available. Customers unable to access welfare facilities and who remain off supply may claim back the cost of meals up to £15 per person. Customers are being asked to keep copies of receipts for any claims.

Highland Council

Alison Clark the Head of Community Support and Engagement at Highland Council as provided an additional update (Moday) she has received from SSEN regarding the current power outages, welfare facilities and reconnection times below.

Storm Malik

  • Sunnybrae, Beauly  11 C    ETR 4pm
  • Cononbridge   11 C  ETR  8pm
  • Nethybridge   16 C   ETR 12 noon
  • Grantown   10 C   ETR 4pm
  • Dalwhinnie   4 C  ETR 11pm
  • Whitebridge   8 C   ETR 8pm
  • Foyers  4C   ETR 8pm

Storm Corrie

  • Munlochy    1500 C   10am – now restored
  • Nigg  134 C    3,00pm
  • Cannich   300 C   5.00pm
  • Black Isle 600 C  8.00pm
  • Easter Ross   1,000 C  Evanton, Ardross and Stoneyfield      8.00pm
  • Kingussie 600 C  8.00pm
  • Ardnamurchan Fault Update:- 320c restored last night

Welfare Available

  • Grantown   Chip Van
  • Dulnain Bridge  Burger Van
  • Munlochy Hog Roast Van
  • Cannich  Hog Roast Van

Don’t forget that you can keep up to date with all the latest power outages by clicking this link to SSEN PowerTrack website

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