Sinkhole in Strathpeffer

This pothole, more akin to a sinkhole, has just re-emerged after being patched around 2 years ago by the council. As you can see from the photo I’ve taken the hole is at least 12 inch deep and the surface of the road around it ‘hollow’ and in my opinion highly likely to collapse even further and increase in size if not dealt with quickly. Filling it with tarmac, as happened the last time the council repaired it, simply blocks the pipe that connects to the drain, and in time any heavy rain washes it all away again. It’s quite obvious the real cause of the problem needs further investigating and the road around it dug up to assess this and properly repair it rather than just another temporary fix.
This is a dangerous pothole, especially to the many cyclists that use the A834 through the village, and it’s only a question of time before one of them comes off their bike or one of the larger lorries or tankers westbound crashes through it.

Here’s the report I sent to who then automatically forward it on to Highland Council for you. I also reported a number of blocked drains along the A834 earlier this month both to Highland Council, our Community Council and our local Councillor, but so far nothing has transpired, although as I was just typing this I did notice the drain cleaning lorry heading up the A834, so it might be my lucky day.

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  1. The day after I posted this article about the ‘sinkhole’ in the road and the large number of blocked drains through the village by a strange coincidence the Council drain cleaning lorry paid the village a visit on Thursday and Friday!
    I can now report that all six blocked drains up the hill past Ardival have been cleaned out after many years of being silted up.
    The ‘sinkhole’ is still waiting to be fixed but has been re-reported.
    I don’t know who to thank for this – maybe it was just serendipity!

  2. We contacted Andrew Bone the guy who now manages the roads in Ward Five and he came to inspect the state of the A834 at our end of the village yesterday (9 September 2022). He’s optimistic that he can help us out with getting the kerb raised, haunching the dry stone wall and fixing the sinkhole within the next month or so. Let’s hope he can make good on the promise that we got form Mackenzie Sutherland that this would be done last Autumn! At least getting the drains emptied a few weeks ago and our line of sand bags mitigated the worst effects of the third flash flood to affect the village in the last four years.

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