Scottish Ensemble Goldberg Variations

Spa Pavilion
Scottish Ensemble playing Bach’s Goldberg Variations
Wednesday 17th August at 19.00

‘The Goldberg Variations are, in short, music which observes neither end nor beginning’

Glenn Gould

Peer under the bonnet of one of the most celebrated pieces of music ever written as Scottish Ensemble presents Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Whether or not they were written for an insomniac is a question of much debate, but what we do know, from the composer himself, is that this aria and variations had ambitions to provide a ‘refreshment of the spirit’ – no matter what time of day or night they are heard.
In this arrangement for an intimate group of three musicians, you will both hear and see the individual strands of this complex piece come to life. We hope you too feel uplifted by the precision, complexity, and teamwork in this fascinating interpretation of a piece which sits right at the heart of Scottish Ensemble’s most-loved repertoire.

Tickets on sale here

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