Pothole beware! *updated*

The council eventually got around to filling most of the potholes that appeared during the winter in the village, but a particularly bad one has just appeared after the recent heavy rain on the westbound carriageway just inside the 30 mph zone on the approach to the village just before Newton Villa. It nearly took my suspension out this morning, and because its in a particularly secluded spot it’s not easy to see, and because the carriageway there is pretty narrow and a vehicle is coming towards you just have to drive over it. I’ve reported it to the local council and also tried reporting it on the FixMyStreet website but noticed that someone had already beaten me to it! I’m not sure how effective this site is, or even if the Highland Council pay it any mind, but it’s worth a try.


Thanks to Mackenzie Sutherland and his road repairs team at Highland Council for their prompt response in repairing this pothole!

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