Strathpeffer down through the years

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  1. I came across the photo of Arty’s band on your website – ‘Arty’ (the drummer) was my grandfather Arthur Greig. I have several photos of various members of the band in Strathpeffer, dated August 1934, and one of two ladies and a nurse, standing outside a building that I assume is the spa. If you send me an email address, I could send you a couple of scans of them if you’re interested.

    The photos have the band members’ first names on the back, but no surnames. Do any archives exist which would identify the names of performers?

  2. strathpeffer_admin

    Hi Ann

    The only archive of sorts is the one I’ve cobbled together on the website.
    I’ll send you my email address if you wouldn’t mind sending them to me, which I’ll add to the archive.


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