No Excuse: A Little Bit

Originally tweeted by Road Safety Scotland (@RoadSafetyScot) on 31st March 2021
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit too fast or you didn’t mean to, there’s no excuse for speeding.
  • Speeding can have devastating consequences on the lives of many.
  • A collision involving speed affects more than just you and your car – it also has an impact on your family, the victim’s family, the emergency services, and people who witness it.
  • If you are caught speeding you could face severe penalties such as losing your licence, a substantial fine, a criminal record, unemployment, and a prison sentence.
  • There were 42 fatalities due to exceeding the speed limit in 2018, and a further 244 people injured.
  • Common excuses for speeding are running out of petrol, the road being quiet, and keeping up with traffic also being perceived as exceeding the speed limit.
  • Speed is a key priority for the Scottish Government and an integral part of the Road Safety Framework to 2030.
  • Speeding is always a risk. Whatever your reason for speeding, it’s still speeding.
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