This very week Dingwall Players present The Scottish Play (aka Macbeth) Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings at 7.30pm, Storehouse of Foulis. 

The local drama group have enjoyed working with Nick Fearne, who has trimmed and adapted the Bard’s shortest yet best known work, and we would like you to come and enjoy the production!  It’s traditional – yet not. 

You might regret missing it – then again you might not; but you’ll never know unless you come along!

Some tickets are still available and can be booked through       

Performances are under canvas so no getting wet, and just enough air to keep midges away.  

Have a bite to eat in The Storehouse first, or grab a coffee ‘n’ cake, a drink from the Hut – and spot an osprey maybe.  Then settle down for the performance. We would love to see you!

For further information and a ticket link go to: Any problems or questions just drop an email to or give us a call on 07443456638

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Allan Thomson  (chair)
Ali Wood  (sec)      
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