Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan 2

Highland Council have recently published their update to the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan. Its available to download from their website, but I thought that it would be helpful to publish the part that outlines their latest thinking on future developments in the village, without having to wade through the full document which you can download using this link.

Strathpeffer is an exemplary spa town unique to the Highlands that is contained amidst a splendid natural setting. Its traditional core, which is designated as a conservation area, is characterised by many fine examples of Victorian and early 20th century architecture and attractive woodland. The village’s outstanding built heritage, combined with high quality agricultural land, ancient and plantation woodland, historic Designed Landscapes and steep gradients, allows for only modest growth of the settlement. The accessibility of Strathpeffer by sustainable modes of transport and employment opportunities are limited, however the active travel link to Dingwall, the Peffery Way should be encouraged. A small amount of serviced housing land at Ulladale Crescent continues to remain within the Settlement Boundary.

Placemaking Priorities

  • High quality, master planned western housing expansion.
  • Support active travel link to Dingwall
  • Enhancement of tourist attractions and facilities.
  • Protection and enhancement of outstanding built and natural heritage features.

Preferred Sites

  • SP01
    • Name: Kinellan South Use(s): Housing
  • SP02
    • Name: Kinellan West Use(s): Housing
    • Kinellan South is part of an existing allocation, its southern section has detailed planning permission
    • for 42 homes and construction was originally due for completion in late 2020. Kinellan West is a
    • logical expansion to the site currently under construction.
    • Alternative Sites
  • SP03
    • Name: Kinellan North Use(s): Housing
  • SP04
    • Name: Nutwood Use(s): Housing
    • The Kinellan North part of the site continues to be seen as a logical expansion area and provision
    • has been made for a connection with the southern part of the site. However there are concerns
    • regarding the suitability of access to this site given the relatively steep gradient and the presence
    • of flooding issues on the site. The site is also more visible than the western portion of the site.
    • The site at Nutwood currently has planning permission in principle. However, there are some
    • doubts regarding the viability and marketability of this site given it has previously been allocated
    • and has now had planning permission for a number of years.
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How to find out more

Our website details events that will be held during the consultation period. If you would like to speak to a member of the Development Plans Team please contact us by email at or by calling 01349 886608.

What is the status of this document?

This is a consultation document and does not represent the approved planning policy of the Highland Council. Its contents, as yet, are not used in the determination of planning applications. Instead, it sets out the Council’s initial ideas and preferences for the future planning of the Inner Moray Firth area in a way that is intended to prompt debate and comment.

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