Any Information about a Strathpeffer Garden Society

I got a short email enquiry this week from Val Maclay in Malta of all places which reads:-

I wonder if there would be any interest in knowing that a silver cup of the 1909 Strathpeffer Garden Competition won by B. McKenzie is with us in Malta! I have been looking on your website for any mention of a Garden Society.
Many thanks

Val Maclay

I can’t believe that the Garden Society is still on the go, but if you have any information about what happened to it, I can forward it onto Val in Malta. Val just returned my email and we’ve now got a picture of the cup, she went onto ask:-

I would love to know whether there are still McKenzies in Strathpeffer. We think this was awarded to my partner’s great grandmother, his grandmother was ‘nee’ McKenzie married name Copeland and his mother was christened Betty!

Val Maclay

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