Heavy rain causes flooding

Courtesy of Highland Council

Heavy rain on Wednesday (10 July 2019) down the Strath produced some minor flooding of a number of lower lying streets again in Dingwall, as a spate of water flooded down the Peffery. The Met Office had issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms across Easter Ross for yesterday as they have for Thursday. Let’s hope we miss out on the worst of it or there might be a repeat performance later on today.

Estimated 24 hour rainfall totals from 06 UTC yesterday

Locally there were large areas which saw 25 mm of rain yesterday, the heaviest seems to have been towards Alness, where over 50 mm of rain was estimated to have fallen. I wonder just how much difference the flood mitigation work of recent years around Dingwall has actually made? The rainfall was undoubtedly very heavy for a number of hours, but could have lasted much longer. The scenes in Dingwall look very reminiscent of the last major pluvial flooding event in 2006 but appear to have been much less severe in nature.

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