Flash flooding in village

Strathpeffer was hit on Monday afternoon by a thunderstorm and 30 minutes of torrential rain and flash flooding which turned the A834 through the village into a raging torrent for a time. The eastern end of the village was quite badly affected, particularly around the access road to the old station. The eastern carriageway past the Red House took the main force of water from higher up the hill, but the western carriageway outside Burnside was affected by water coming down the hill from further up, possibly from the steep road to Ardival. There are numerous block drains in the area which could have only exacerbated the situation, and the state of the road could only be described as very poor even before today, with sheets of tarmac torn up by the torrent and carried 100 yards further down hill by the force of the water. There was brief power cut for a while which coincided with the first flash of lightning from the storm.

Courtesy of the Ordnance Survey

This is the second time the area has been hit by heavy rainfall in the space of a month, on the 10th of July when Dingwall suffered from minor flooding when the river Peffery broke its banks. As far as I can see from reports in social media a similar thing occurred yesterday in lower lying parts of the town. Here are a couple of images that I took after the main storm had passed by. If you like me are a little reluctant to accept that global warming is really happening then think again because it surely is!

Junction with A834 and the old station
The scene in the front garden of Ulva

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