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I notice that some of the horrendously deep pot holes on the A834 towards Dingwall have finally been filled in. It seems Highland Council road repair team though ran out of steam, or perhaps that’s tarmacadam, as they worked their way towards Strathpeffer filling holes. I did hear that the cost of tar has gone though the roof because of the war in Ukraine, another good reason why the A834 though the village should have been fully resurfaced last year.

I’ve still not had a canvasser from any of the parties standing in the local elections for Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochalsh (Ward five) on Thursday knock on my door and give me the opportunity to ask them their stance on the subject of roads, and the only one that does appear to make mention of it his flyers is the Conservative candidate. If I thought it would make a difference I’d go out and vote for him, but in all honesty I probably won’t, and the A834 will have to wait another year or two before it gets properly resurfaced instead of the occasional emergency patching it does see.

In the mean time I’ve reported a few of the many potholes, blocked drains and poor pavements that I’ve noticed at our end of Strathpeffer to the website. Sites like really can work, and I urge you to do the same. It’s much more effective in my opinion than the empty promises you get from the roads department, or reporting it on the Highland Council website, which in my experience is a total waste of time.

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  1. Thanks for this. Fix my Street is definitely a good way to get repairs done and it doesn’t just deal with potholes – blocked drains, streetlamps on (or off) at the wrong times, fly tipping, railings are all included in the app. They do get attention eventually.

  2. The pothole outside the Red House has been fixed!

    I can’t say if its because:-

    a. I reported it to which fired off an email to Highland Council
    b. The article I wrote at the weekend on the village website
    c. It was ‘planned’ and they were just going to do it anyway.

    Anyway the main thing its been its been ‘fixed’ or should I say temporarily ‘patched’.

    It’s amazing what you can achieve when there are local elections looming!

    I did see them heading up to the Square so hopefully that’s next on the list.

    Three men to maintain all the roads and footpaths in Ward 5 is just not enough.

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