Enforcing the 30 mph speed limit

It would be fitting that now we are approaching the busiest time for visitors in our beautiful Spa Village that the A834 should have installed vehicle activated speed signs at both west and east approaches to the village of Strathpeffer in an attempt to curb the large number of speeding motorists that flaunt the 30 mph speed limit. Many visitors, exploring the village walk along narrow footpaths to visit the Eagle stone and cross the road to the Railway Museum of Childhood, the entrance to the Museum as you know is on a narrow blind bend and so cars pulling out from this junction also are at risk of T-Bone collisions from the speeding traffic down the drag strip from Blairninich. This type of accident, side on impact at speed, is nearly always fatal! Marybank which is a smaller village has two of these speed signs, as does Dingwall, and the Muir of Ord appears to have a number of them. In a recent survey as many as 52% of vehicles were being driven at speeds of 40 mph or more, and 20% in excess of 50 mph as they approach from Dingwall. Obviously, introducing vehicle activated signs may not solve the total disregard for speed limits set by law, but at least it may prick the conscience of those who do speed. It would be a tragedy if a fatality was the reason to bring publicity to our Village in the Highlands. From what I have read Highland council have put aside the princely sum of £50,000 a year for the installation of traffic calming for the region, which as you may know is the largest local government area in the whole UK, so without the local community speaking out about the matter nothing will get done.

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