2 thoughts on “Election results for Ward 5”

  1. strathpeffer_admin

    So democracy is alive and kicking in our part of the Highlands!
    Well maybe not for 4,921 of us who either weren’t interested, or just couldn’t be bothered to vote.
    We had a day out in Cromarty on Thursday, and found a village that despite being half the size of Strathpeffer, was far better looked after.
    We may not be as ancient as Cromarty, but we are still, thanks to the Victorians, a tourist destination that desperately need some TLC.
    I can’t imagine this election will do anything to improve the state of pavements, drains and roads through the village, or curb the excessive speed of the traffic through it – the future doesn’t look bright for ‘this jewel in the Highland casket’!

  2. Cannot agree more with these comments. Strathpeffer has sorely been neglected for a long time. I also cannot understand why there were 2 SNP candidates for Strathpeffer and the one with the least votes (male) was put through overriding the female SNP with the higher votes ?????

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