Crumbling road fears as pothole bill hits £1.7bn

The roads were much better in Victorian times and you could catch a train to London

This news item on the BBC News website caught my eye about the sorry state the roads across Scotland are in, and who is responsible for the situation – Government or local councils? I still don’t know what ever happened to Highland Councils “biggest ever” single investment in roads project in 2020 which made up 1.84% of the total increase of 4.84% in that year’s council tax. I’m sure that potholes in the roads will inevitably lead to road traffic accidents as drivers swing out widely to avoid them.

Roads across the Highlands need much more than a council team coming along and lobbing a bag of asphalt into a hole and driving the back wheels of the lorry over it a couple of times. The road (and pavements) through the village are badly in need of resurfacing, their poor state brought about in no small measure by flash flooding in recent years that turns the A835 into a raging torrent. The flash flooding was exacerbated by blocked drains and an old Victorian drainage system that simply can’t cope with increases in rainfall intensity brought about by global warming.

Hopefully between now and the time of local elections in May something will get done – but I doubt it.

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