Community Resilience Group Weekly Briefing – 28 January 2022

I hope you have all had a good week. There continues to be cautious grounds for optimism with further lifting of protective measures this week. Please continue to follow government guidance in order to limit the spread of the virus. This week’s briefing is attached and contains information on:

  • The current numbers of COVID cases across Highland.
  • Key messages from the Scottish Government and a link to the most recent version of the Staying Safe and Protecting Others guidance
  • Details of asymptomatic and symptomatic testing, and vaccinations centres.
  • The Electoral Commissions national campaign – Welcome To Your Vote Week
  • The most recent NHS Highland Stakeholder briefing is also attached.

Finally. there are warnings of high winds in excess of 70mph this weekend expected in some areas of Highland.  SSEN Distribution (Scotland) have notified that they are moving to Yellow Alert status and that staff and resources are being prepared to respond to this event.

Thank you for everything that you continue to do for your communities.

Rosemary Mackinnon
on behalf of Alison Clark
Head of Community Support and Engagement



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