Community Resilience Group Briefing – 13 May 2022

Thank you to those of you who responded to the survey we circulated last month.  It was very heartening to hear that the majority of you both use and value the briefing.  There was a strong wish for the briefing to continue.  From next week, we will be moving to a fortnightly briefing.  The format will also change, with a move to a predominantly email briefing with additional information attached as appropriate.  With the changes to testing, we will be stopping providing a summary of the COVID position in the Highland region, but will continue to provide the links to the online information, should anyone wish it.  The main focus of the briefing will be on the areas people highlighted that were particularly beneficial, such as information on – weather warnings/fire risks; funding; welfare/poverty reduction and resilience; and information on mental health and wellness.  We shall also consider how to address some of the additional suggestions such as information on consultations, emergency planning, roads information.  We will continue to send ad hoc information such as immediate weather warnings. We will also continue to review the briefing with you as we go forward and please do feel free to let us know your thoughts. All COVID-19 legal protective measures have now been lifted although guidance remains in place. Case numbers continue to reduce however transmission is still a risk. This week’s briefing is attached and contains information on:

  • The current number of COVID cases across Highland.
  • Scottish Government Guidance
  • Testing and vaccination guidance and information.
  • Weather Ready – Met Office are launching a Summer Weather campaign
  • SEPA: Scottish Flood Forecast (attachment)
  • Cyber Scotland Bulletin May 2022
  • Bereavement by Suicide event
  • The most recent NHS Highland Stakeholder briefing is also attached.

Thank you for everything that you continue to do for your communities.

Rosemary Mackinnon
on behalf of
Alison Clark
Head of Community Support and Engagement



2 thoughts on “Community Resilience Group Briefing – 13 May 2022”

  1. strathpeffer_admin

    It’s excellent news that SEPA now provide this updated Scottish Flood Forecast, but there’s VERY LITTLE POINT of warning residents of possible flooding if Highland Council refuse to clear the dozens of silted up drains throughout the village!

    In the last four years there have been three separate flash flooding events in the village, and because the reduced number of drains just can’t cope with the amount of water from the deluge, a torrent of water runs down the A834 flooding down our steps (Ulva opposite the Red House) and through the garden as well as flooding the old Station car park in the process.

    We wouldn’t need to put sand bags around our gate to prevent flooding if the drains in the village were well maintained.

  2. strathpeffer_admin

    I’ve been posting this Community resilience group briefing throughout the COVID crisis.
    I for one, would like to thank Rosemary Mackinnon who has been writing the briefing on behalf of Alison Clark the Head of Community Support and Engagement for most of this time.
    Personally I think Alison Clark, if she exists at all, must have a wonderful job because she seems to delegate all her work to Rosemary.
    Once again thanks Rosemary for all your hard work, and please let me know if the Head of Community Support and Engagement job ever becomes vacant, I think I might apply.

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