Comment from the chair of the CC to the discussion about the proposed one way system in the Square.

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Concerns have been raised about the proposed one way system in the Square and the direction of travel proposed – clockwise or anti clockwise. I think it might be wise if I set out where we are with this:-
The direction shown in the plans the Community Council submitted to the planners just short of a year ago is anti clockwise. We chose this direction simply because it meant that all traffic leaving the Square which then joined the main A834 road will do so at the junction with Golf Course Road. The sight lines for safely emerging onto the main road are far better at this junction than those nearer to the Sheiling where the sight lines are not nearly as good for reasons such as the hedges to the east and the low wall around the garden area to the west.
However, before any new one way system is introduced, the Highland Council (HC) has to promote a traffic order which gives the permission for the change. The HC has not yet started the processing of this order but are hoping to get moving on it shortly. This traffic order is a legal process that involves a period of about one weeks consultation followed by a period of around 28 days when objections can be made. So everyone who wishes to comment will be able to do so.
Before the HC begins to promote the order, they will assess the various junctions around the Square and will take into account the sight lines at these junctions and many other issues such as the orientation of parking spaces in the Square, etc and will make a decision on which direction will offer the safest solution. As professional roads engineers, they will be able to take a considered view and will propose the direction they think is best.
I think it is worth saying at this stage that the Community Council is not wedded to any specific direction. None of the work carried out to date affects the direction that is ultimately chosen. We are very keen to see a one way system as we think it will be safer for all but are happy to go with whichever direction the HC Roads team recommend. Once I hear more from HC, I will be happy to let you know.
I hope this clarifies the matter. If you have concerns about the work of the Community Council then please do not hesitate to contact me direct. As you know I’m very happy to talk to folk.

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