Cloudburst on the 10th of May – were you affected?

This video kindly taken by a neighbour – before the worst of it occurred

If you had any issues with Monday’s cloudburst (10th of May) and the flash flooding that affected Strathpeffer please get in touch by leaving a comment. This is not the first time it’s happened, it occurred in the early 2000’s, again in July of 2019, and now again in May 2021. Flash flooding in the village seems to be getting more of a problem with each passing year as global warming continues, and something needs doing to prevent the main road through the village turning into a giant culvert each time this happens. Each blocked drain on side roads through the village increases the load on the rain water that reaches the main road – and the drains maybe because they are silted up or blocked, or maybe because they just can’t cope with the sheer volume of water – means that the road turns into a river. Monday’s cloudburst was much shorter than the one in 2019, but it was bad enough. I’ve written to councillor Ian Cockburn who has kindly put me in touch with Mackenzie Sutherland the Roads Officer at Highland Council. He wants to investigate and has asked as many people who were affected by the flooding to meet him on Wednesday (19th of May) at around 5pm. As far as I know he plans to walk from the old railway station up to the village square to see the problem first hand and discuss our concerns.

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