Broncho Bill’s Circus

The Original Broncho Bill’s Circus visited the Highlands in August 1930. The proprietor of the circus was John E. Swallow. The circus performed in Strathpeffer at Kinnettas Park on Friday 22nd August. For the tour the management had brought together a wonderful array of talent. To convey some of the variety and attractiveness of the programme there were:

  • The Dorris Troupe of Triple somersault Acrobats,
  • The Four Bangalls (Continental Jugglers),
  • The Five Wulfrunas (something you have never seen before),
  • Britannicus (Cannon Ball Manipulators),
  • Ponderous Performing Elephants,
  • Male and Female Equestrians,
  • Hair-raising Aerial Gymnasts,
  • A troupe of 12 perfectly trained blue and white horses and ponies and
  • The world’s funniest clowns and mimes.

Broncho Bill’s Famous Band was also in attendance. There were two exhibitions daily at 3pm. and 8pm. and every arrangement was made for the convenience and comfort of visitors. Entrance prices for adults were: 1s 3d, 2s 4d and 4s 9d. Children were: 6d, 1s 2d, 1s 10d and 2s 4d. Reserved seats cost 3s 6d and 4s 9d and there was free parking for cars.

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