Best summer since 1955

Images courtesy UKMO

Using an index of temperature, sunshine and rainfall it’s possible to produce a simple ‘Summer Index’ to gauge just how good or bad any summer has been. Summer 2021 in the North of Scotland had a summer index of 38 out of a possible maximum of 48. This made the ‘meteorological’ summer of 2021 the best since 1955 in our part of the world, and the second highest since 1919, beating even the summer of 1976. Sunshine was 13% higher than the long-term average, rainfall was only 61% of average, and mean temperatures were 1.1°C higher than average. Western Scotland fared even better with a summer index of 42 making it the best summer there on record. I wonder if any of the older residents along the Strath will remember the summer of 1955?

Summer Index
The Best and the Worst summers
(BTW the summer index although simple is not just a sum of each column)

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