“As the sun sets on Strathpeffer”

I am a music artist living in Geelong, Australia, and on my new album I have a song about Strathpeffer. I visited there when I was a kid, maybe 12 or 13 years old, and the experience has remained with me. So much so that now in my 40’s I have written a little ode to the place, or at least my memory of it.
I thought I would share it with you. It’s meant to sound like a traditional song about pilgrimage, a story of a house in Strathpeffer where people go to rejuvenate and find redemption.
I hope you enjoy it. Lyrics are below and you can listen to the song pretty much anywhere online if your search for the title. But here is a link on one of my websites: https://tobycrook.bandcamp.com/track/as-the-sun-sets-on-strathpeffer
Thank you for your time,
Toby Crook

As the Sun sets on Strathpeffer 

by Toby Crook

At closing time as the Sun sets on Strathpeffer
The poet ends her tired rhyme with a nod to stormy weather
The lost and found abound and soon they gather at our door
For stede so we share with them our shelter

Once was I on the road to old Strathpeffer
And with me I brought one thing, a ledger bound with leather
Now this night draws to and you have memories of your own
And tales that are sweet like springtime heather in mind

So come with me
This humble home will keep you till light breaks the clog from the dawn

And to those so lost, it’s here, redemption by the blair
Like me you have found a piece of heaven in mind

Heaven in mind

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