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Highland Cabaret

This postcard was written and sent in September 1964 but was produced for the first Highland Cabaret in 1963. It was one of a series of four, the others featuring all of the Cabaret Highland dancers, Edith McKnight (née McLeod) and Lloyd Gollan, son of Dorothy Gollan who ran the Dancing School. 


This picture features the dancers (from L to R) Sheila Newton (née Buchanan), Helen Finlayson, Jean McCulloch (née Swanson), Edith McKnight (née McLeod), and Diane McGillivray (née Robb).

The band in the background is the Melotones featuring (from L to R) Bob Hunter (guitar), Willie Wilson (double bass), Dodo Ross (accordion) and barely visible Jackie Cameron (drums).

The Clan Mackenzie crest and crossed battle axes can be seen at the rear of the stage and were to feature in many holiday snaps throughout the 60s and 70s.